The history of massages

The history of body massage is well documented in many historical texts and although it is really difficult to determine the specific time of its birth, it is possible to arrive at a clear and concise conclusion: “massage is as old as human” Otherwise, it exists since the origin of prehistoric man, and this has been demonstrated thanks to drawings and contraptions found pertaining to the period of prehistory.

Although the term “massage” is quite recent, its practice dates back to very remote times and has been recognized as the oldest healing practice of mankind, as well as being the most natural and instinctive method to relieve bodily pain or discomfort. Traditional methods are mixed on nuru massage barcelona. Who has not followed the impulse to rub or massage some area of the body that feels sore from a blow, a bad gesture, a bad position, tiredness or simply for the pleasure of being relaxed?

Massage in different countries

  • Egypt: The priests treated the body and the mind, the papyri and the hieroglyphics show techniques of manipulation and massage, which were applied along with other therapeutic measures.

  • Greece: The Greeks were the first to record the practice of massage and are known to use it regularly as a ritual of physical maintenance, massage was used as a means to treat athletes and recover after injuries, especially for those who practiced gymnastics. The Greeks owe the creation and promotion of the gymnasium, in fact they were the creators of the Olympic Games. Thanks to them the practice of massage was common among gymnasts. In addition the Greek woman liked to possess a slim and slender body, so she also practiced gymnastics and took care of baths and massages.

  • China: there is extensive documentation about its use in Chinese medicine, emperors had masseurs of the highest categories to treat their illnesses. Massage in China was one of the most developed and extended techniques for the treatment of the most widespread pathologies along with acupuncture and medicinal herbs.

  • India: The first information about the importance of massage in India comes from Greek texts that reported the importance that massage gave as a therapeutic medium with a great range of techniques of body treatment, in fact the aspects that covered were so broad that Could be related to techniques that are now used in recovery treatments, from kinesitherapy to aromatherapy.

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