What you should know about erotic massages

The erotic massage is a sexy way to iterate the body of your partner. Consists in stimulating the skin by caresses which give pleasure and stimulate sexual arousal. The word massage comes from diverse roots that lead to a clear purpose, which is to provide physical contact between two people, as -massech – from the Hebrew which means to touch or feel. The key is in the body to body contact from the partner or a specialised centre of erotic massage barcelona, making special and careful detail in the erogenous zones of him or her.

It seeks to awaken the senses by using a preamble ideal for the sexual relationship, by increasing hormone levels that encourage the excitement like other sex games. But the massage represents an intimacy more extreme and closer, is loving, is prolonged, it is sensual, it is passionate!. The be made by your partner (a) without getting to the sex immediately, opens the mind to a spectacular way of seduction unmatched imposed on the ecstasy and then conclude in a sexual relationship full of excitement, emotion and anxiety!

Effects of erotic massage

  1. It increases the desire of the couple to have sex.

  2. Ittimulates erogenous zones ideal for conceive then, an orgasm, or several.

  3. It provides creativity in the sexual relationship: To avoid monotony and to load the relationship of romantic ideas that auguren a good sex.

  4. It improves the blood flow to the area massaged: which helps the skin and other parts of the body are more receptive to stimuli.

  5. It relaxes and allows you to let go of problems and stress, and live a exciting, intimate moment.

  6. It prepares and excites the partner for a sexual encounter, massage a stimulus prolonged.

In addition to these effects of the erotic massage, this form of stimulation has tambiéngrandes physiological effects beneficial to health and beauty, within which it is important to mention:

Benefits of a good massage

    • It increases of the temperature.

    • Exfoliation of the skin.

    • Removal of cells scaly.

    • It stimulates the reabsorption of liquids.

    • Active sweat and sebaceous glands.

    • It improves oxygenation and irrigation, which leads to improve the trophism of the muscles.

    • It facilitates the output of waste substances.

    • It removes catabolites.

    • It improves circulation by vasodilation that causes the friction of the tissues.

    • It increases oxygen levels in the blood.

    • Release of histamine and acetylcholine (substances that influence effects of relaxation, well-being and decreased pain).

    The erotic massage on the genitals is not masturbation, though it may end up in it. In such a case, be sure to leave it for the end. As what you are looking for in the erotic massage is to stimulate sexually to our partner, we must strive to give special attention to the erogenous zones, since these contain more nerve endings than other parts of the body. Eroticize his senses and wraps around the sensuality of the moment.