Who invented the first law?

The origin of Law is based on the necessity imposed by the social condition of the human being. The word Law is originated from the Latin word “derectum” which means straight, referring to the faithful of the balance, which holds in balance both dishes, trying to achieve a balance between the competing rights. And sometimes it is obvious that you need a spanish law firm in Barcelona to solve your problems.

In every community there are conflicts, and the rules that constitute the Law have the objective of solving them, by which from the most primitive human societies were required of them, to establish hierarchies, division of roles, regulation of the sexual life, resolution of property disputes, and so on, up to consolidate State models as, for example, the protection of the protection of private capitalism.

A system to keep order

The system of rules, includes the uses, customs, moral standards, the religious, and the legal, and in this latter case, public bodies in charge of its elaboration, application, and sanction. The first standards were transmitted orally and formed the common Law, and then translated into written laws more secure with great influence of religion, as the laws of Moses; and the moral (Ulpian appoints true moral precepts by integrating the concept of Law: to Live honestly, give to each his due and not cause harm to others).

The first codes of laws belong to the sumerians, with amazing systematization. In Babylon it is especially important for its antiquity and to show the extreme rigorism, own of an ancient civilization and vengeful, the Code of Hammurabi.

However, it will be the Roman Law which offered an elaboration of private Law rules, as evolved and progressive, that is certainly the great source of the civil codes of modern. The problem that is posed by the doctrine is whether the human groups more primitive existed or not Law and, in the first case, to establish that characters had.

When was Law born?

Probably, the reader will say that, if we talk about the origin of the Law – in the field of history and sociology, legal-, the logical thing to do would be to ask as it had appeared, the Law for the first time on the face of the earth. Well, the way it should be, but it is good to remember that any attempt to solve the problem thus posed has ended in failure, due to lack of information sources that allow us to get to know the first stage of prehistory; there is only, with respect to hypothesis more or less acceptable, but a hypothesis at the end.

Stammler, master of legal philosophy, in his book the Genesis of the law, cites the case of a browser that had visited a tribe of wild Africa and retired in the belief that there had been Law, as it gave the impression that each one toward what is felt like, without that no one will care about in the least; however, upon retiring, had that change of opinion, as observed several indigenous carrying a woman on a litter, who was the Queen of the tribe who owed obedience, and so on, which showed the existence of a legal regime.